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Therapy - Psychotherapy, Counseling, Coaching

Therapy in New York is not a luxury. We live in a crowded city full of stressors each one of us craving connection, yet suffering, often in silence, from loneliness, isolation, and not feeling validated. Therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, coaching- whatever way you conceptualize it, is what people do when they want to address the thoughts, feelings (emotions), ,behaviors and situations that keep us feeling miserable.

Therapist- Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, Coach

Therapists in New York have dedicated their time, money and energy into the extensive university and post-graduate education, training and clinical supervised experience as first apprentice therapists, then fully licensed mental health counselors or licensed marriage and family therapists. This was not a quick and easy process, and even when working with a therapist-in-training, they are still under rigorous clinical supervision and are honing their craft, something they were probably (hopefully) called to do. Psychotherapists have a mastery of Psychological techniques and their clinical application in a counseling setting. Counselors are not social workers. Counselors are not research psychologists. Therapists do not prescribe medication. Modern psychotherapy does not include an “ink blot test”. As cognitive behavioral therapists, we want to help you in a very real, practical and lasting way.

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