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Therapy for Relationships

Polycules, couples, families, friends, lovers, camrades, colleagues- Therapy for YOUR relationship.


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People need to feel connected to others. When we aren’t able to communicate that, we isolate and retreat into ourselves, making it harder and harder to find connection. Therapy can help. The type of relationships appropriate for therapy is less important than the fact that you want to improve your relationships with this person, or these people. In therapy, we will help you address some of the more destructive and sabotaging thoughts and stories you have about people so that you can start to lay a new foundation to build lasting, happy relationships again.

Relationship Therapists, Relationship Counselors,Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors

Relationship therapists understand the importance of connection and intimacy with others, and how the walls we put up leave us feeling lonely and bitter. Counselors specializing in relationships are called to help people have fulfilling intimate connections with the people you want to connect with.

Marriage and Family Therapists as well as Mental Health Counselors are trained in the clinical application of psychological and counseling concepts to individuals in psychotherapy as well as to relationships, romantic, familial, friendly, or sexual relationships. Relationship therapists are not social workers. Relationship counselors are not psychologists focusing on research. Relationship counselors do not prescribe medication. Relationship counselors do not use religion or pseudo-science to steer your unique relationship into something “more traditional”. Relationship therapists use their advanced education, training and supervised clinical experience to help you make your ideal relationship a reality.

Although insurance does not accept relationship therapy as something they can diagnose and reimburse for, MyTherapist New York offers a sliding scale ranging to $175 per person per session. Let’s figure out a rate for relationship therapy that you can afford. (It’s not like you need ANOTHER stressor.)

We begin all relationship counseling with an individual intake by each person who will be attending our sessions in Manhattan or our relationship sessions via webcam.