3 Top Reasons People Cheat

 Cheating on your partner is something that can damage an existing relationship in a matter of seconds but people still find themselves in the situation and commit the act.  Why do people do it? There are many reasons as to why someone may turn to cheating on their partner(s), but we also have to define what is cheating?

The answer is a different as the people you ask. In relationship counseling, we’d define cheating as explicitly and on purpose not living up to the goals of emotional and/or sexual fidelity arrangements implicit in the current relationship.

 One of the issues of people who cheat in their everyday relationships is due to the lack of sexual intimacy that they have with their current partner. Sex is a physiological need for all human beings. When the need is not met, an individual will seek it elsewhere. This situation is one of the most common complaints of clients in long-term relationships who seek therapy.

 Another common issue is lack of communication. Clients often come in stating that they feel unheard by their partner which leads them to believe they are not loved in the way they long to be. This can lead to self esteem issues for an individual which can result in them straying away from their current partner to seek the satisfaction of feeling wanted by someone, although they do truly love their partner. It is important to be open about your sexual desires and needs in her current relationship.  Letting your partner know what you want should be something that is openly discussed. 

 One more reason people cheat is because they are simply bored in their relationship.  It is important to spice up your sex life and talk about what pleases your partner together. Many people often go stray on their significant other solely because they are no longer having fun and think that nothing can change when in fact, if the communication is right, the issue can be solved.

Everyday situations occur in the work place, on the street, or at the local grocery store. When there is mutual attraction and both parties are interested and willing to engage, the things list above will play a major factor in causing someone to turn to infidelity. Remember to discuss what is on your mind and compromise with your partner so both of your needs are met. If you are having constant arguments, having a third party, such as a therapist,  listen to help resolve your problems, is never a bad idea.