MyTherapist New York: Secular Therapist Project

From their Facebook page...

"Find a Secular Therapist in your Community. Get counseling free of superstition and New Age ideas. Secular counselors work with you using evidence based therapy methods."


There are more therapists than you would think who are using their position as therapist to push a religious agenda rather than do quality, evidence-based work.  Even the license of "Marriage and Family Therapist", in which Dr. DeMarco is licensed, carries with it some religious baggage.  And many programs leading to licensure in the mental health field are offered through private religious universities, virtually insuring their graduates act as the practicing arm of whatever religion or sect is running the school.


If you want spiritual or religious guidance, best to go see someone who has devoted their life to spirituality and religion.  For help with unhealthy emotions behaviors (that is, ones that stand in the way of your goals), best to work with a secular therapist.  Therapy is not religious advice.  


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