Thoughts on soulmates- from divorce lawyers

“…a soulmate is someone who shares your ideals, values and vision for life. True soulmates grow together and learn to effectively communicate with each other and can manage any conflict between them so it doesn’t ruin the relationship. Soulmates empathize and truly want the best for their partner..” (Click for Complete Article)

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Erectile dysfunction in otherwise healthy men

Viagra didn’t work? It’s time to talk to a sex therapist!

Sex therapists are licensed mental health clinicians who have continued their education and training specifically in the realm of human sexuality. Talk therapy with us is going to be primarily focused on helping you design the sex life you want to have based on reality instead of based on distorted ideas you might be carrying around about the who what where why and how of sex. (Click for complete article)

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Relationship therapy- Better to Forgive or Forget? Which is more important?

Forgive. Everything. Where “forgetting” something may or may not be something you can actually control, forgiveness is an active choice. In cognitive behavioral therapy we teach a concept called unconditional other acceptance which means this- no one is on the planet to serve you at your leisure. We're all here doing our best, and all each one as flawed as the next person.  This is true even for intimate relationships. You are flawed. Your partner is flawed. If you're demanding perfection in chores or sex or mind-reading, you're on the quick road to conflict.

In relationship counseling, sometimes we use scars and baggage as analogies when discussing concepts in psychology and self-help. Scars happen.  Scars can even be sexy for some people.  But open wounds- not so much.  So you might not forget that your partner was dishonest to you about something, for example, but you had better forgive them and let that wound heal over, getting you one step closer to unconditionally accepting/tolerating that people are not ever going to behave the exact way you want them to always and forever. Forgiveness is accepting, with grace, that yes, your beloved is/was just as flawed as you, your therapist, and everyone else on the planet.

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