Wait, there's a masturbation community?

Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together - a Buzzfeed response

We like to keep an eye on sexuality and mental health articles floating around the net, since sometimes these are the only ways people get information. This one is from 2018, and I mean, okay, it's buzzfeed, but we did want to submit to the discussion that not all of the attendees are gay men. While some of this has historical context with AIDS, some of it is also- some men just like to masturbate together.

What is "Gay" or "Not Gay" is too ridiculously ham-fisted in the 21st Century. Some self-identified "gay men" attend, and some do not identify that way, and it does a disservice to the whole masturbation community to suggest that masturbation, in a group or alone, is a "gay" behavior or not. It's a thing some men like to do together. Period. One commenter to the original article posted he was surprised that now that AIDS is basically a distant memory (for Buzzfeed comment readers) that he was surprised there would be any interest in men coming together to masturbate.

This is why we still do sex education things like National Masturbation Month and the like.

As sex therapists (https://sextherapynewyork.com) we want to help people explore safe, sane and consensual sexuality. Masturbation can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation- and to masturbate in a group can be an affirming experience. Think it's just gay men jerkin off together? Women's masturbation groups have existed for years, led by the formidable Betty Dodson, a sex pioneer. (And it's fascinating how it's treated as an empowering thing for women, but for men, it's dismissed as "gay" or just something to do when you "can't get laid"- thanks No Nut, No Fap and No Wanks.)

Masturbation is a normal, healthy sexual behavior you can do alone to become more familiar with your body and the fantasies and types of touch that stimulate your body- and you can do this with one or more other people- regardless of your/their sexual identity or gender, etc.

For some other considerations, check out the documentary on masturbation, "Sticky: A (Self) Love Story".