Do you go to therapy during work hours?

…”at work, there is often still a stigma attached to therapy. Talking with your friends about going can be far easier than talking about it with the manager who decides your raises and promotions. And the vulnerability you create when you share that you do therapy can be used against you.

Bringing up your therapy appointments to your employer requires anticipating your boss’ reaction and having a plan prepared.”

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Thoughts on soulmates- from divorce lawyers

“…a soulmate is someone who shares your ideals, values and vision for life. True soulmates grow together and learn to effectively communicate with each other and can manage any conflict between them so it doesn’t ruin the relationship. Soulmates empathize and truly want the best for their partner..” (Click for Complete Article)

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The Role of "counselor" in the 21st Century

“Sometimes therapists are thrust into the role of making people conform- conform to the demands of a 9-5 job, or conform to the expectations of what society has deemed "normal" behavior (ie behavior that helps you keep that 9 to 5 job). Modern therapists aren't out to help you conform, but to help express your pain and conflict in a way that is healthy for you, the result of which will help you be your best self. “ (Click for Complete Article)

MyTherapist New York offers psychotherapy, relationship counseling and sex therapy that is modern and effective .