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Therapy and counseling offer guidance in your journey towards emotional freedom and happiness. Modern therapists want to teach you the tools to create your own psychological, emotional and philosophical way in the world- your life, for you, by you. There are individuals, groups, corporations- whole systems designed to try to make you feel anxious, addicted, inadequate and helpless. Whether you keep feeling miserable for another day is now up to you. 

Therapists are people, too.
— Dr. DeMarco

Modern, effective counseling can help. You've taken the first step just by looking for a therapist. With electronic scheduling and billing, we make finding a therapist even easier!


Counseling Practice & Specialties

Therapy is not a luxury for the wealthy.

Therapy for YOU.

Therapy for individuals, (also known as psychotherapy or counseling) focuses on working on the thinking that leads to unhealthy negative emotions (anger, anxiety, panic, depression, guilt, shame, etc) and the unhealthy, self-defeating behaviors that go with them. Using rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), clients learn to identify what isn't working for them, and come up with a new set of directions to get where they want to be. Psychotherapy is not advice. Advice implies a right and wrong way to do things based on the therapist's own moral agenda or life experience.  Therapists are not advice columnists or friends. Therapists are not your moral guides, priests, gurus or rabbis. Therapists are trained to help identify how your thoughts and emotions might lead to behaviors that keep you feeling miserable. Therapy also doesn't mean you are sick, psycho, borderline, bipolar or crazy.  Therapy is for anyone.

Go to therapy.

You owe it to yourself to design a life of meaning, connection and intimacy. Therapy can help give you the tools to make it happen

Relationship Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy

If you're in a relationship, it's probably best to deal with your issues within the context of your relationship. Relationship counseling (aka couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, marital therapy, etc)  focuses on identifying what each of you want in your ideal relationship, and helping you communicate those desires in a compassionate and effective way.

Relationship counseling involves examining various aspects of your relationship including career, finances, sex life, parenting, family of origin, and more. Think your issues are your own?  Maybe - but you are bringing those issues to your relationship. We want to work with you systemically, that means working through issues within the context of your larger relationships. For the sake of ease, we describe this in terms of 2 people in a couple, but we welcome and affirm whatever safe, sane and consensual relationship you have designed (open relationships, triads, poly, etc). All of our therapists are sex-positive, LGBTQ-affirming, kink aware and secular. Relationship therapy is not out to save your relationship at all costs.

Couples therapists have no agenda about helping you save or end your relationship, but we are out to help you design a relationship that is ideal for the people involved. Sometimes the most successful couples therapy is when you decide this isn't the relationship for you. The world is your oyster!.


Therapy for YOUR Relationship

Informed allies, kink, queer, poly-affirming

Non-Traditional Relationships

Open relationships, polyamory, multiamory, swingers, monogamish, compersion - there are all sorts of concepts and relationship styles beyond monogamy.

While some people find themselves in a pair bond, others realize that sexual and/or emotional fidelity/monogamy- is not the default relationship style for everyone.

Working with a therapist who does not hold monogamy up as an ideal, enlightened state of being is important when working through the issues that might come up in opening your relationship or designing a relationship that works for you.

There are countless relationship styles and arrangements that have always existed. Let's design a relationship that might work for the people involved, rather than trying to copy what we think happened in 1950's middle-America.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is talk therapy, or counseling,  and is appropriate for people who are single or in relationships, young or old. Human sexuality is a basic human drive, and when this drive is dysfunctional (think vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, arousal disorder, etc) then this gets in the way of feeling okay in your own skin (also called self-actualization).  Sex therapy is provided by mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists under supervision and working towards certification as sex therapists or as clinical sexologists.

Sex is nice and pleasure is good for you.
— Dossie Easton, author "The Ethical Slut"

Mental Health Assessments

In some cases, clients need an assessment for issues related to gender identity, bariatric surgery, political asylum or other assessments related to psychological and sexual well-being. Assessments may or may not continue to follow-up sessions.

Clinical Supervision Join our Team

We have provided clinical supervision for graduate students, post-graduates working on their hours towards licensure, and newly licensed clinicians looking to start their journey in private practice since 2006.

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Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them.
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