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Clinical Supervisee, Year 2, MHC-LP


 My name is Anoosh. I am a Mental Health Counselor under supervision at MyTherapist New York. As a therapist, I believe in love, hope, acceptance, and the general goodness of humanity. There is much beauty in the world, yet struggling with day to day life problems and societal expectations often bog us down and cloud our vision. This may lead to feelings of anxiety, guilt, depression, resentment,or feeling lost, lonely, overwhelmed, or misunderstood.

It is my goal, as your therapist, to journey with you to lift the clouds in order to see your life more clearly. By using tools and approaches such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Sex Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, we will, together, confront the issues in your life and face them head on.

I am a multi-faceted and modern psychotherapist, holding two masters degrees in the field of Mental Health/Psychology and a number of advanced graduate certifications and trainings in areas such as Sex Therapy, REBT, Hypnotherapy, Vocational Counseling and continue to add more. One of our practice mottos is, “your life is  modern; your therapist could be, too.” I am open minded, culturally sensitive and approach things with a general feeling of care, compassion and curiosity.  I am here to provide a safe comfortable space for you to explore and to help you regain perspective on your life for lasting results.

 I hope you will take the next step of booking an appointment with me or one of my colleagues. We look forward to working with you!