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What’s your motivation for becoming a therapist?

You became a therapist because you are passionate about humans being humans. Their relationships, their individual behaviors, their sexuality, their thoughts. Sometimes being human can be rough, or even rocky, but you became a therapist because you know that it’s okay to express your pain and help others express theirs and move beyond it. Now balance that with the hundreds of thousands of student loans you have… to get the degree…to get the license… to be able to help people express pain to you.

All day.

Therein lies the conundrum, my new therapist colleagues. If you are lucky enough to have a full time job as a practicing therapist with a salary and an office view- congratulations! You aren’t reading this. You are reading this because there are more therapists in New York than there are jobs. You are reading this because you didn’t go to school to be taught by psychologists and now be supervised by a social worker. You went to school to become a therapist (be it MFT or MHC) and you want the opportunity to make that thing happen that you’ve been planning for for so long! All of those exams and late nights learning how to run a business, learn SEO, marketing, PR, establish media contacts… oh- you didn’t do that?


The art and science of running a

therapy practice in NYC

15 minimum client contact hours per week and 15 minimum admin hours per week devoted to what you needed to be taught in graduate school about the realities of running a therapy practice in NYC. We will work together to help you hone your craft and find your voice as a rational emotive behavior therapist, cognitive behavioral therapist, existential therapist, relationship counselor, or sex therapist / clinical sexologist. For more specifics, find which area best suits you below.

Email [email protected] with your detailed cover letter and resume; a sample blog article on a therapy topic of your choice, and a photo of yourself that you would want to use for people to see you as a private practice therapist for the first time as well as any internet presence you have professionally.

1 clinical, 1 academic, and 1 professional reference required. 2 rounds of interviews. We’re going to google you.

(To be fair, that is how you found us…)

Clinical Supervisor

Supervise post-graduate mental health counselors and/or marriage and family therapists and/or sex therapy trainees earning their hours towards licensure. Just like you were! AAMFT Approved Supervisors and AASECT Approved Supervisors especially encouraged to apply. Minimum 2 years experience supervising MHC’s or MFT’s only. Willing to commit to the entire clinical supervision (at least as secondary supervisor) to a supervisee at the graduate or post-graduate level (limited permit). This is 1500 hours of MFT’s and 3000 hours for MHC’s. (Preference to someone licensed in both.) Hourly. Can be remote.


Are you a licensed mental health counselor or licensed marriage and family therapist? Do you want to learn to build an effective, successful practice before trying to fail at one on your own? This is a crash course in running a business as unique as a therapy practice in NYC. Our per diem (hourly) rate starts at $45 and up for more clinical experience and expertise. Days, evenings or weekends available in our suite. Electronic billing and scheduling. We do not work with insurance.

Although we work with contractors on occasion, we are more interested in clinicians who want to establish themselves as successful therapists in this private practice as well as respected clinical supervisors and therapist/counselor educators. We aren’t perfectionists here, but we have very high standards, and a reputation for them.

  • Minimum 1 year commitment to working together to build and maintain a 15 hour a week clinical caseload

  • Advanced knowledge of REBT, CBT and/or Imago Relationship therapy and/or clinical sexology, sex counseling or sex therapy- CEU’s, Certificates, etc

  • Certified Sex Therapists or Board Certified Clinical Sexologists encouraged to apply (Hello, Modern Sex Therapy Institute)

  • Tech savvy a must!

  • 2 hours of peer supervision per month required (can be remote)


Post-Graduate Training and Clinical Supervision

Non-clinical Graduate Internships Available

  • Committed to 15 minimum client contact hours per week and 15 minimum admin hours per week (admin hours mostly remote) and committed to building your caseload beyond that as you gain confidence and experience.

  • Writing and editing skills - but this isn’t academia- we need blog tone (think Buzzfeed)- you need to be able to get across abstract psychological concepts to folks who are coming to you because they hurt. And we need you to be creative enough to not plagiarize other people’s content (or intellectual property). This is about you learning to establish both your writing voice, but also your point of view as a therapist in private practice.

  • Basic foundational knowledge in Albert Ellis and REBT, CBT, human sexuality and modern sexual expression and relationships beyond monogamy, and willingness to build on this

  • This can be a fairly self-directed career at times- and there are possibilities to work remotely, which also requires someone who is technologically savvy as well as organized

  • Driven to complete your hours? Look elsewhere. Driven to have a full caseload and clinical supervisees of your own in the next 3-5 years? We make this happen together by doing good, ethical, effective therapy and not just taking our clients’ money once a week. We make this happen by helping every client become just a little more fluent in the language of therapy, which just might be the language that helps them express themselves most fully, maybe more than they can to anyone else in the rest of their lives. We balance the business of running a therapy practice in NYC with the art of being a human who helps other humans.

  • Part-time Employee- People with LP after their letters cannot be independent contractors in this or any other practice. This means you get a w-2 and taxes taken out of your check each week. We start at $30 per clinical contact hour with generous bonuses as you are building your caseload.

  • Clinical and administrative supervision 90 minutes per week required.